9 Amazing Female Rappers of K-Pop

The Korean music entertainment world has many female rappers at its midst, with some taking a step further, differentiating themselves with their rapping style and never ending charisma. 

Here is a small list, in no particular order, of rappers that have made their stamp in the Korean music industry

Baby J (Ha Ju Yeon)
Former member of girl group Jewelry, Baby J is a high-toned rapper that has shown fans she not only has that sexy look down, but the swagger to go with it. The intro track “Rhythm HA!!” from the group’s mini-album Look At Me is a perfect example of Baby J’s talent.

D.ana is a new contender to the Korean music scene, having recently made her debut with girl group SONAMOO. As the low rapper of the group, D.ana has some mad rapping skills, as well as writing lyric skills.

Wonder Girls’ Yoobin
Don’t let her fool you! Yoobin is not just a pretty face, she will make you fall in love with her deep rapping style.

2NE1’s CL
Nicknamed “The Baddest Female,” CL’s got the fiercest personality when she raps, and when she takes the stage, you bet she owns it.

Beginning her career as an underground rapper under the name Elly, LE has risen as a recognized rapper in the K-pop industry with various features, collaborating with Huh Gak, HyunA, The SeeYa, and more. Needless to say, rapping really comes easily to her.

Yoon Mi Rae
Hands down the Queen of South Korean Rap, this woman is an all-in-one package with the ability to sing and rap in her own songs! But, who doesn’t love the Tiger JK x Yoon Mi Rae double team? She’s got the swagger, the fierceness, and the rhythm down to a T.


Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo
One of the strongest rappers in K-pop, Miryo’s got top skills when it comes to rapping. She’s got a unique tone to her rap that will no doubt charm you.

Like Yoon Mi Rae, Gilme is experienced as both vocalist and rapper. As a rapper, she’s got her own unique rhythmic tone that shows off her strong personality and attitude.

Previously known as E.via, Tymee has gained a nickname of the “female Outsider” due to her abilities to rap at a high rhythm per minute.