Controversy arises between Lee Soo and MBC for “I Am A Singer 3”

After revealing its full lineup of singers for MBC‘s I Am A Singer 3, controversy arose regarding the decision to cast singer Lee Soo who was involved in a sex scandal in 2009.

The full line up of singers includes So Chan HwiPark Jung Hyun, Yang Pa, SISTAR’s Hyorin, Ha Dong Gyun, and Sweet Sorrow but the show was quickly flooded with a negative responses by netizens over the casting of Lee Soo, as he was involved in a sex scandal with a minor in 2009 while he was serving in the military.

During the press conference for I Am A Singer 3, Lee Soo stated “I have given a lot of thought and worry before I took my seat here and rather than simply saying ‘I will do my best,’ I will sing so that my songs will contain the message that I am doing my best.”

Due to the overwhelming negative response, MBC came out with a statement on January 22nd saying,“We have decided to respect the opinions of the viewers and exclude Lee Soo from the line up of singers of the upcoming show ‘I’m a Singer 3.’ Please be understanding of this.”

However, this came as a shock to Lee Soo and on the same day he came out saying “I heard through media reports that I will not be making an appearance. I don’t understand how MBC could make that decision on their own. Tomorrow (23rd) was supposed to be the day where we sign contracts. This makes no sense and we plan to take aggressive action against MBC.”

Source: Daily Sports and Oh My Star