Park Myung Soo pushing AOA Seolhyun on “Brave Family” in preview causes controversy

A recent preview scene of Park Myung Soo pushing AOA Seolhyun’s head on KBS 2TV’s newest real variety show Brave Family has caused some controversy.

At the end of the January 23rd pilot episode of Brave Family, a preview of the next week’s episode was broadcasted. In the revealed clip, Park Myung Soo shoves Seolhyun’s head for dropping the egg that Lee Mun Sik brought. The next clip immediately showed Seolhyun shedding tears.

Many fans and netizens are dropping various comments regarding the scene. Some claimed that is it “uncomfortable” and “inappropriate.” While others said that “It must be the devil’s edit,” “Why are netizens causing controversy over such a thing,” “I feel sorry for the show,” and more.

Brave Family is a brand new real variety program starring Lee Mun Sik, Park Myung Soo, Seol Hyun, Choi Jung WonSim Hye Jin, and Su Hyuk as a family temporarily living abroad in Cambodia.

Source: TV Report