f(x)’s Amber hacks Peniel’s Instagram account?

f(x)’s Amber made fans giggle after allegedly hacking BTOB’s Peniel’s Instagram account. 

On January 5th, Peniel made a surprising update on his personal Instagram account with a message saying, “Who/Why are people trying to reset my Instagram password? What’re you gonna do with my Instagram account? Delete my pics? Upload your selfies? Lol.” A photo of his e-mail along with the new password request was also uploaded with the update, catching the attention of his fans.

However, before the fans can detest a possible hack on Peniel’s account, Amber immediately posted a reply saying, “Its was me all along mwhaha jk its okay noodle! U good bro,” revealing their close relationship.

Meanwhile, Peniel also surprised fans over the New Year’s as he announced his personal Snapchat account, following Amber, miss A’s Min and Irene Kim.

Amber and Peniel Instagram