Jaejoong reveals his chiseled abs during shower scene on latest drama, “SPY”

JYJ’s Jaejoong has revealed his chiseled abs on the latest episode of his KBS drama SPY, captivating fans and viewers, who swooned during his solo scenes. 

Naturally stepping out of the steaming shower, Jaejoong revealed his well-toned body and abs to the world, emitting a sexy masculinity that would certainly make one’s heart flutter. Drama staff were reported to have also been in awe, and gave a lot of praise to the actor-singer.

It was also reported that Jaejoong had no trouble coming into his NIS agent persona as Sunwoo, easily completing his scenes.

The staff said, “Jaejoong is very committed to his character as Sunwoo, and is always seen with his script in hand.”

SPY, which had its premiere on January 9th, airs twice a week on Friday via KBS, and is a spy series following Sun Woo (Jaejoong), an agent of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), and his mother Hye Rim, a former North Korean spy.

Source: OSEN