K-Pop boy-band VIXX releases their “Fantasy” dance practice video

ST☆RLIGHTs are delighted to see that VIXX has released their dance practice video for their most recent song, “Fantasy.”

After the release of their 6th single album, Hades, with title song “Fantasy,” VIXX returns with their dance practice video reveal.

Initially laying on the ground of their well-lit practice room, the members, clothed in black, slowly rise with the start of the song. Soon, their movements change into a quick and synchronized dance style that leaves many in awe.

The jerky movements show the members’ dark and powerful sides as they uphold the Greek god, Hades’, underworld theme.

Hades is the second part of their trilogy project VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION that will go on for the rest of this year. The first part, Zelos, was released in April 2016.