Kim Shin Young confesses her heartbreak after being in an 8-year relationship

Comedian and entertainer, Kim Shin Young, confesses that, in the past, she once had a romantic relationship that lasted eight years. The story of her dating experience took the public by surprise.

On the January 16th episode of MBC FM4U‘s Noon’s Songs of Hope, Kim Shin Young, the comedian, revealed her deep heartbreak after ending a relationship with her boyfriend of eight years.

During the radio show, Kim Shin Young had a phone call with a radio subscriber who sent a story about breaking up after eight years of dating.

This is when the comedian said to the subscriber, “I also experienced a break up with my now ex-boyfriend whom I dated for eight years. Even if I date someone for eight or five years, there seems to be nothing left when time passes. After you breakup, you feel exasperated and mortified. You feel refreshed at one moment and then sad at another moment. That cycle repeats for like seven to eight months. Men especially become better as they age…”

At the end of the phone call, Kim Shin Young consoles the radio subscriber of the story and said, “It’s been 12 days after the break up, right? Just wait another month and half, then he will call you in one early morning.”

Meanwhile, Kim Shin Young’s radio for MBC FM4U airs daily from Noon~12PM. Singer, Navi, is to feature as guest on January 17th (KST).

Source: Newsen