Nam Young Joo celebrates 100th day since debut

On January 14th, Nam Young Joo celebrated her 100th day since debut and shared a special video on her official YouTube channel to show her gratitude towards her fans.

Nam Young Joo sat in front of a camera to share a message with her fans. In the video, Nam Young Joo says, “Greetings, this is Nam Young Joo. It’s already been 100 days since my debut. Yay! It doesn’t seem like a reality, because time has been flying by, but I want to thank my fans for continuously cheering and supporting me. In the future (I was actually rehearsing just now), I will work harder to come back better. Please look forward to my next album and I hope to receive continuous support. Thank you. More ‘fighting!’ We’re on this journey together, right? Thank you, from Nam Young Joo.

Nam Young Joo has had committed followers before her pre-debut appearance on K-pop Star 3, where she made it to the show’s Top 10. Since Nam Young Joo’s debut under JJ Holic Media last September, she released three singles with “Scattered Days” being the most recent track that was released in December.

Watch Nam Young Joo’s 100th day debut video message here: