NOM releases dance practice videos for “Kidding Me”

After releasing the music video for their latest release “Kidding Me,” NOM released two dance practice videos, highlighting the energetic choreography of the song. 

The first dance practice video, which was released on January 21st, was filmed in a dance studio with one stationary camera. Like the traditional dance practice video, the video is useful for fans hoping to learn the choreography of the song, as fans could clearly see each and every move the boys made. The video also served to show the intense synchronization of the group, as they performed the choreography flawlessly as a group.

On January 27th, the group released a second dance practice video. This second video featured the boys in the same outfits as the first video, and was presumably filmed during the same practice session. Unlike the first video, however, the second version also featured cuts focusing on specific members of the group. The second version of the dance practice video utilized several cameras in order to highlight the individual energy and charisma of each member.

Make sure to check out the two incredible dance practice videos for NOM’s “Kidding Me” below!