SBS drama “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” releases teaser video

On January 16th, upcoming SBS mini-series Hyde, Jekyll, Me released a long teaser video for the drama in anticipation of its premiere.

The video begins with a scene of a beautiful amusement park filled with kids running around. One child, however, bumps into Hyun Bin, and his red heart-shaped balloon strikes Hyun Bin’s face. Irritated, the lead character strikes the balloon, sending in flying and setting the tone of the drama.

The video also introduces Han Ji Min’s character, who is revealed to be a very cheerful and happy person. Several scenes in the teaser reveal Hyun Bin grasping at his neck, which signifies his Jekyll and Hyde-like personality transformation.

The ten minute teaser also gives viewers a first look at Girl’s Day Hyeri‘s character, who displays her irresistible charm in a short scene. Sung Joon‘s character also makes an appearance in the video in a short scene with Han Ji Min.

The SBS mini-series will follow the broadcast of Pinocchio and begin airing next week. Be sure to catch the pilot episode, which is set to air next Wednesday, January 21st.

Make sure to check out the exciting teaser video below!