Yonghwa gives his date a heartwarming kiss in “One Fine Day” MV stills

Still cuts of CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa starring in the music video of his own solo debut title track “One Fine Day” have been released, garnering much attention for the skinship with the female lead.

In the first photo, the couple embraced each other with a tight hug, adding warmth on top of their thick winter clothes, while Yonghwa is seen showing a bright smile on his face. In the second still cut, the actor-idol goes all out as he initiates a deep kiss.

The music video of “One Fine Day” is expected to capture the sweet love story of a couple, which ends with a painful breakup.

In his album One Fine Day, Yonghwa is collaborating with four other artists, YDG, Verbal JintYoon Do Hyunand JJ Lin. American producer Peter Malick has also participated in the co-writing of “27 Years.”

Yonghwa’s solo debut album One Fine Day is scheduled for release on January 20th.

Source: My Daily