Coming together through the survival program I-LAND, the septet was formed with the goal of creating a next-generation leading K-Pop artist.

With their burning passion and drive, even before debut, they had already succeeded in achieving that goal. Further setting them apart as leading artists, these 7 guys continue to captivate with their wide range of skills and intriguing concepts as well as through their strong connection with fans.

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Gushes About SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan In Heartfelt Message

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ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Says It Was “Hard To Laugh” When He Was A Skater—Here’s Why It’s Different Now

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ENHYPEN Joins NCT Dream, MONSTA X, And (G)I-DLE In Lineup For Europe’s First K-Pop Mega Concert

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ENHYPEN’s First Full-Length Repackage Album Tops Japan’s Oricon Daily Album Chart

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ENHYPEN’s New Album Sweeps Domestic And International Music Charts

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