Making headlines with their success the moment they made their debut in 2015, these 6 girls have gone on to capture worldwide interest like no other.

Although no one can ever be certain what music style or aesthetic they will showcase next as they love to experiment, one can be certain they will share their signature passionate performances, high energy, and unparalleled storytelling; just a few of the key features that make them so unique.

GFRIEND’s Sowon Officially Joins B.I’s IOK Company And Will Promote As An Actress

She has a new home.

International GFRIEND Fans Grow Frustrated With Weverse Again, After Membership Refunds Arrive With Hefty Fees

“I feel robbed…”

GFRIEND’s Sowon Is Reportedly In Discussions To Join B.I and Jo In Sung’s IOK Company

She may have found a new home.

GFRIEND’s Yerin Shows Off Breathtaking New Look In Photoshoot For “1st Look”

She can pull off any style!

BFFs Red Velvet’s Joy & GFRIEND’s Yerin Advertised The Same Product But Served Completely Different Vibes

Despite their similarities, both stars are one of a kind.

GFRIEND Fans Launch Protest, Urge HYBE To “Speak Up”

Buddy, GFRIEND‘s fandom, has launched a hashtag protest in the hopes of reaching HYBE and Source Music. In May, GFRIEND’s agency confirmed that the group would not be renewing their exclusive artist contract, which concluded on May 22. The news came as a shock to GFRIEND fans, who have supported the group for the past six years. After careful […]

GFRIEND’s Yerin Signs Exclusive Contract With Sublime Artist Agency

She is starting her solo promotions.

Weverse Apologizes To GFRIEND’s Fans Regarding The Sudden Conclusion Of Artist Contract And The Leak Of Personal Information

Previously, fans had their personal information leaked.

Weverse Now Allows Refunds For Fans Of GFRIEND, But They Made One Fatal Mistake In The Process

Personal information of Buddies were leaked.

GFRIEND Fans In Anger Over Weverse’s Lack Of Proper Refunds For Membership

Korean fans even consulted a legal aid.