Stray Kids

Stray Kids

Formed through the reality show Stray Kids, this group easily found their place in the music world with hard-hitting anthems and a musical style and aesthetic that is unique to them.

Straying from the norm, these self-producing idols often tackle difficult topics and issues that many people face on a daily basis. At the same time, they open discussion into these topics while representing their generation through their music.

Stray Kids Instantly Sells Out Tickets For Second Official Fan Meeting

Sold out kings!

Stray Kids Drops A Trailer For “2 Kids Room” And It’s A Must Watch

Why was Bang Chan crying?!

Stray Kids’ Lee Know Stuns Fans With His Visuals In New Solo Shoot

His gaze is deadly.

Here’s The Real Story Behind The Epic Selfie With TXT’s Yeonjun, ATEEZ’s Wooyoung And Stray Kids’ Changbin

Name a more iconic trio… we’ll wait!

Stray Kids Make Fans Proud With Their Performance At “Expo 2020” in Dubai

This performance has the president turning into a Stay.

Reports About “Kidnapped” Saudi Arabian Stray Kids Fans Revealed To Be Fake

Here’s what actually happened.

#STAYS Trends On Twitter As Saudi Arabian Stray Kids Fans Reportedly Go Missing After A Postponed Concert

K-Pop Twitter has banded together to help with the ongoing situation.

Netizens Raise Concerns For Stray Kids’ Safety After The Members Were Mobbed At Incheon Airport

Many recalled Felix getting pushed down.

Stray Kids Voted On Who’d Be The Best Dad, And The Results Were Unexpected

He’s the last member you’d get dad vibes from 😂

Stays Are Loving Comparing The Two Drawings Hyunjin And Lee Know Made Of Each Other

Maybe Hyunjin should draw Lee Know as a bunny next time.