October 25th

The Reason SEVENTEEN Believes Making Their Own Music Is So Important, According To Woozi

The members are heavily involved in the songwriting and production process.

4-Member AI Girl Group Created By Kakao & Netmarble Reportedly Set To Debut

The group could follow in the footsteps of K/DA and aespa.

“Squid Game” VIP Actor, Geoffrey Guiliano, Under Fire For Grocery Store Rant And For Promoting Service For Men Who Want To Date Thai Women

Netizens are drawing comparisons between his character and his behavior in real life.

SM Entertainment Artists Receive Mysterious “Squid Game” Invitations, Hinting At A Halloween Party

We can’t wait to see the costumes!

SHINee’s Onew (Deservedly) Goes Viral For His Live Vocals During “Don’t Call Me” Studio Choom Performance…7 Months Later

His voice is so beautiful!

HyunA Caught The Bouquet At Her Friend’s Wedding, And Now We Want A 2nd Round Of Wedding Bells

Could another wedding be on the cards? 😂

SEVENTEEN’s DK Rode Bumper Cars With The Luckiest Carat Ever, And We’re All Jealous

Imagine being this lucky!

Agency Makes Official Statement On WJSN Meng Meiqi’s Involvement In The Cheating Controversy While Chen Ling Tao Apologizes

Fans grew worried as his apology sounded like his last words.

Here’s The Story Of When SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Was First Recognized In Dubai, According To Hoshi

Penguins are involved 🐧

WJSN’s Meng Meiqi Gets Entangled In Cheating Accusations With Music Producer — Here Are The Full Translations

She exposed him.