EXID reveals they are still paying off debts

Girl group EXID, who has been gaining attention with their latest hit track, “Up & Down,” make their first appearance on KBS 2TV‘s Immortal Song 2.

On the episode of Immortal Song 2 that aired on January 17th, EXID was included on the show along with other artists like Kim Kyung Ho, Lee Se Joon, Hong Kyung Min, Kim So Hyun & Son Jun HoSonnet Son, and Seo Ji Ahn. For this episode they paid tribute to legends such as Sook Sisters and rock band Sanulrim. 

EXID member Solji expressed to the audience, Immortal Song was a show I had a big desire to appear on. Now seeing the audience like this, and being able to share one stage with our seniors is so glorious. I think today will be a memorable day in my life that I’ll never forget. Thank you.” 

They also spoke about how much their popularity has risen ever since their success with “Up & Down.” The members said they wouldn’t be recognized on the streets in the past, but after their boost in popularity people now notice them.

As the topic of finances was brought up, MC Shin Dongyup asked whether they were financially better after their rise. EXID then answered saying that they haven’t been paid yet. Member Hani also said, “We haven’t gone through profit distribution yet, but I heard we’re in the positive…” to which the members stopped her there.

When Shin Dongyup asked about their income distribution Hani explained that they are all sharing the income equally, and plan to keep it that way until they have a fixed place within the industry. Shin Dongyup then caused laughter as he jokingly said, “That’s how friends drift apart. Don’t ever let that happen to you guys.”

EXID recently was also able to snag another win on KBSMusic Bank, making it a consecutive two week win. For the January 16th episode of Music Bank the girls of EXID went up against Apink who are currently promoting “LUV.”

Source: MyDaily