Here’s How Much More Money Top Idols Make Than Rookies

The Minjoo Party of Korea and the National Tax Service have released the average income information for the entertainment industry and the results are shocking!

In Korea, the top 1% of actors earned an average of $177 million USD last year.

Kim Soo Hyun is currently Korea’s highest-earning actor, earning a whopping $84 thousand USD per episode.

By contrast, the bottom 90% of actors earned an average of $5,500 USD for the year. (that’s only $460 per month!)

Hyun Bin was 2017’s 2nd highest-grossing actor.

This means that the top grossing actors earned over 324 times the least well off!

The wage gap between top singers and models and their less well-known counterparts was almost equally enormous.

The top 1% of singers took home an average of $37 million USD for the year, while the bottom 90% earned only $7,700 USD.

EXO is consistently one of the highest earning groups in K-Pop.

Finally, Korea’s top models made, on average, $4.7 million USD as compared to the paltry $2,400 USD per year earned by the bottom 90% of models.

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