Korean Air reveals source of mistake in Bobby Kim’s seating assignment

In light of the controversy surrounding Bobby Kim’s intoxicated tantrum in flight, it has been reported and confirmed that the staff from Korean Air had given him the wrong seat.

According to a staff of the airline on January 7th, Bobby Kim’s placement in an economy seat on Flight KE023 was due to a mistake of Korean Air staff. The staff had mistaken another passenger’s English name with Bobby Kim’s.

On January 12th Korean Air stated that, “Bobby Kim’s English name is Robert Do Kyun Kim and on the same flight was a passenger named Robert Kim. We wrongly issued a business class ticket to the other passenger.

However, this confusion raises a series of other questions regarding airport security – despite the fact that Bobby Kim had the wrong ticket, he was still able to pass through the multiple levels of airport security. Even until his boarding on KE023, there were no mistakes reported by the staff. Korean Air has stated they will further investigate exactly when the tickets were wrongly distributed.

There is also a different side to the story that Bobby Kim had touched a female stewardess’s waist after the first news report. The reports from airport security show records from the flight’s departure at 4:40PM KST on January 7th from Incheon International Airport to San Francisco. According to these records, Bobby Kim, during this moment, verbally harassed and touched the female stewardess three times and that the stewardess had reported this to the head officer.

In the earlier news report, Bobby Kim was accused of touching a specific area of the body (waist), but, the records from the airport say that he had touched the stewardess three times; not mentioning which area. In fact, it was more of a verbal harassment than sexual harassment like the news report suggests. In addition, the level of harassment was not considered severe since he simply had asked the stewardess to take some breaks with him in San Francisco.

Bobby Kim is currently staying in the United States and the plane returned to South Korea with all the on board staff at the time on January 10th.

Source: Ilgan Sports