Red Velvet’s Irene In New Fantasy-Inspired Soju Commercial Leaves Fans Shocked

Nothing is more fantasy-like than her visuals!

HITEJINRO, a popular soju company, dropped the long awaited commercial featuring Red Velvet‘s Irene.


In the fantasy-themed commercial, Irene is seen walking in a snowy forest.


She then finds the clearest drop of liquid, which turns into a glass of Chamisul soju!


But who can really focus on the drink when Irene’s visuals are on this level?!


Fans from all over the world are going nuts over her stunning beauty as they flooded the comments with compliments!


HITEJINRO also dropped a short, simple version of Irene endorsing Chamisul.


And fans can already hear HITEJINRO’s sales skyrocketing to the top!


What better way to sell out a product than with the help of Irene’s stunning beauty?!

Red Velvet