TOP 10 Times TWICE Mina Showed Off Her Sexy Abs

TWICE is one of the hottest girl groups at the moment and Mina‘s abs are at least as hot! 

1. While crushing the game in this sparkling crop top.

She is one of the three Japanese members of Twice, along with Sana and Momo.

2. Anyone would be envious of those toned abs and flat stomach.


3. We may just see the top of Mina’s abs here, but still, WOW!

4. Between Mina and Momo’s abs, there’s almost too much flat tummy to handle in this pic!

TWICE - Mina and Momo

5. Another time Mina’s abs were the picture of perfection.

Mina looks great in a letterman jacket.

5. That time she looked an angel and a ballerina combined.

Mina's favorite male idol group is 2PM.

6. During this too-cute “TT” performance at a fan sign!

Mina's abdominals are no joke.

7. This performance stands as one of the all-time best.


8. Every crop-top meets belted-skirt look is goals.

Mina's killer abs are to die for.

9. While working it out in jeans.

10. In this totally sexy crop top! She is crushing it.