BTS Reveals What They Imagine The First Concert Back With Fans Will Be Like, And It’s Already Making Us Excited

The day will come soon!

Since the pandemic started, the world has had to adapt to changing circumstances. In particular, K-Pop groups have no longer been able to travel and perform in front of their fans, and BTS is no exception.

To celebrate the group’s anniversary, BTS recently held an ARMY Corner Store as part of their 2021 FESTA, where they had a look back on some memories from their career. During the video, the members discussed the future and what would happen during “The moment we meet again.

Suga was the first member to paint a picture of the future, and he focused on the feelings ARMY will get after buying their tickets and seeing BTS for the first time since the pandemic started.

When our fans get tickets for our concert, enter the venue, and the curtains go up, I wish that will be the first moment we meet again.

— Suga

He then added that nothing else would matter apart from being with ARMY and performing in front of them when that moment happens.

Not going out for any show, we just hold it only for the moment. It doesn’t matter how we make our entrance. When the moment comes, I’m not sure I can hold in my tears.

— Suga

Maknae Jungkook also had thoughts about their first concert back and was already visualizing what it would look like and how they could make it bigger and better than ever before. He even had his entrance planned to a tee, explaining, “For me, in a stadium, a helicopter flies above, and I parachute in there!

Even with such an uncertain future, RM also had some of the smaller details planned, including the first song they wanted to perform.

I want the first song we sing to be ‘ON.’ And we listen to the scream for a minute!

— RM

Along with V, RM even agreed that there was no denying that the members and ARMY would cry during the first song! Hopefully, BTS and the fans don’t have to wait too long to meet again!

You can watch the whole video below.