A Professor In The Philippines Added EXO Lay’s MV To Her Lecture And Fans Are So Ready To Learn From Her

Talk about the perfect lecture!

College professors often get a reputation for being strict, serious, and even a little scary but one professor at Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines has been putting students a little bit more at ease with her awesome EXO-L moment!


Not too long ago, a student from the university, @herecomedatroi, posted a clip of a not so average lecture. The clip started off with the professor playing EXO Lay‘s latest hit “Honey” during the lecture.


And with “Honey” playing in the background, pretty soon the professor could be seen dancing along behind her podium!


With such an amazing teaching moment, of course, the clip quickly caught the attention of EXO-Ls who not only loved the entire thing…

But were also 100% ready to attend the lecture too!


Talk about the perfect lecture!