Meet Thomas McDonell, Hollywood’s Biggest BTS Fan and Honorary ARMY

Thomas McDonell gave shout outs to BTS on his twitter account and the Army fans are accepting Thomas as one of them.

Thomas McDonell is a Hollywood actor best known for his role as Finn Collins in The 100 TV series.

Thomas has many Korean followers on twitter for his witty and somewhat strange tweets written in Korean.

He recently posted a picture of the cue sheet for BTS’s concert at the Jimmy Kimmel Show saying “Sound check with Jungkook  …  I’m watching them right nowㅋㅋㅋㅋ”.

On many occasions, Thomas mentioned BTS or their songs and Army fans are proudly accepting him into Army.

Thomas McDonell proved his love for BTS when he wrote “I purple you BTS” for one of his tweets.

And in another, he couldn’t help himself but sing along to GOGO, repeating “Tangjinjam” over and over on Twitter.

Another rather cute and strange tweet he wrote “Isn’t the world big and Yoongi(Suga) cool? help me, BTS is so handsome!”

Watch out Army fans! Thomas may be seen holding an Army bomb near you soon.