NCT 127’s Johnny And Taeyong Were Unfazed By Two Celebrities “Kissing”

They acted as if nothing had happened!

NCT 127‘s Johnny and Taeyong recently appeared on Lee Yong Jin‘s Yongjin’s Health Center, which he hosts with LACHICA‘s Gabi, to discuss some of their growing concerns.

Title card for Yongjin’s Health Center | 용진건강원/YouTube

Their problems ranged from feeling older after seeing younger groups debut to travel arrangements for their global tours. Another concern the two brought up was how difficult they found it to connect and be friendly with other idols.

Specifically, they always had trouble asking other idols to participate in their TikTok dance challenges! Even within their own company, they claimed not to be close with any of the other groups.

According to Johnny, even if he is the funniest and most social member of NCT, he’s quiet when he’s outside the group. Taeyong agreed and said that even the thought of knocking on the waiting room door of other idols made his heart pound.

To help the boys out, Lee Yong Jin and Gabi decided to give them a demonstration of what could happen when they visited other idols’ waiting rooms.

To fluster the boys, they pretended to kiss and scandalize them!

At first, Johnny and Taeyong hurriedly left the room, but the hosts didn’t expect Johnny to renter the room, act like he saw nothing, and continue to ask them if they could film a dance challenge together!

Lee Yong Jin and Gabi couldn’t believe it.

Taeyong also took a crack at asking them but ended up sounding like a prerecorded robot.

Eventually, after a lot of teasing and joking, the boys fought through their nervousness, thanks to the hosts. They even came up with a new take on the dance challenge wherein they would challenge their guests to memorize the steps in just one take!

NCTzens will definitely be looking forward to more dance challenges with other idols in the future!

Watch the full episode of Yongjin’s Health Center featuring NCT 127‘s Johnny and Taeyong below.