SHINee Minho Voted One Of Twelve Sexiest Man Alive By Vogue

SHINee’s Minho was named as one of the sexiest men alive by Vogue Magazine!

Vogue revealed their list of top 12 sexiest men on earth, and Minho became the only K-Pop star to make the list!

To introduce Mino to the world, Vogue chose a photo of him rocking his Gucci outfit top to toe.

Vogue introduced him as a superstar that the world was eager to find out about after he was spotted with Melania Trump in Korea.

“A K-pop veteran with a voice like silk, his mere presence leads to headlines and fainting fans: What more do you need to know?”

— Vogue

They also mentioned how Minho stole the spotlight from Melania Trump with his beauty.

Korean girl’s reaction to seeing Melania Trump vs SHINEE’s Minho is hilarious AF

Vogue mentioned that they made the list not just based on physical traits but because traits such as intelligence, charm and social awareness all play part in sex appeal.

And Minho definitely has them all!

Ezra Miller, Frank Ocean, Pharrell Williams and Chris Pine and more hot studs were also named on the list.

Netizens could not hide their excitement for  Minho making such a global list.

And look forward to Minho continuing to dazzle the world with his sexy charms!

Source: Vogue