Jenny was born and raised in Korea before emigrating to the United States, which she now calls home. Having started as H.O.T.'s biggest fan girl, Jenny literally “grew up with K-Pop” and brings her extensive knowledge of the music, language, and culture to bear on everything she writes. She loves artists like IU, SHINee, and MONSTA X.
South Korean Archer An San Shows Off MooMoo Pride At The Tokyo Olympics, MAMAMOO’s Solar Reacts

An San couldn’t believe Solar’s response!

Netizens Think This TikTok Star From The Philippines Looks Just Like BTS’s Jimin

Long lost brothers?! 😂

MBC Issues Third Apology For Airing Inappropriate Pictures After The First And Second Ones Spark Criticism From Disappointed Viewers

“MBC now tells the world to learn Korean if they want an apology. Would I find some sincerity if I did? Somehow I doubt it.”

Actor Kim Young Dae’s Agency Exposes K-Drama “School 2021” After KBS Channel Blames Him For The Delay In Production

“Despite all the difficulties, Kim Young Dae showed enthusiasm for the show…”

1st Gen K-Pop Idol And Industry “Sunbae” Tony An Discusses The Difficulties That BTS Might Face As Global Stars

As the industry’s respected senior idol, H.O.T.’s Tony An is no stranger to these struggles.

MBC Airs Inappropriate Pictures During The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony, Apologizes To The Offended Viewers Around The World

Despite the apology, MBC continues to receive heavy international criticism.

K-Pop Fans Fiercely Divided Over JYP Entertainment’s Latest Marketing Tactic: The “Blind Package”

Would you drop the $$$?

Koreans Outraged Over Viral Video That Captures Middle School Students Playing One Dangerous “Game”

The police has since gotten involved, investigating whether it may have been a case of bullying.

“Asian Collaboration” Girl Group SKYLE To Debut In July 2021 — Meet The Unveiled Members

New queens? Yes, please!

Former PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung Features In A Song Praising The Chinese Communist Party

She sings, “The Community Party is dedicated to helping China.”