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Jeon Somi Receives High Praise For Going Above And Beyond With Her Fan Service Photos

She is everything and more ❤️

“Single’s Inferno” Contestant Kim Hyun Joong Firmly Denies Ever Using Steroids

His fit physique was questioned by curious fans.

Here’s Why The Public Is Responding So Harshly To “Single’s Inferno” Ji A’s Knock-Off Controversy

According to a reporter, it has everything to do with her alleged views of the public.

“Single’s Inferno”‘s Kim Hyun Joong Retaliates Against The Backlash By Explaining His Decision To Unfollow Ji A

He put the rumors to rest, once and for all.

“Single’s Inferno”‘s An Yea Won Has A Hidden Television Past And It’s Surprising Everyone

“Single’s Inferno” was not her television debut!

Apink Fan Heavily Criticizes Son Naeun’s Decision To Not Partake In The Group’s Special Album Promotions

They are completely fed up.

IU Makes Same Adorable Mistake At An Awards Ceremony—As She Did 8 Years Ago

How can she be so darn lovable?!

Korean All-Girls High School Starts Gender War Between Feminists And Male Extremists After Mocking Soldiers In Sarcastic Letters

Male extremists have been terrorizing the female students involved.

Kep1er’s Yujin Wore A Normal Adult-Sized Face Mask And The Results Are Shocking Everyone

She is just too tiny!

French “Single’s Inferno” Viewers Are Obsessed With Yea Won And Cannot Understand South Korea’s Love For Ji A

According to them, Ji A was almost unanimously “disliked.”